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Client Centered Planning Process

At Sinnott Wealth Management, our mission is to provide our clients with unbiased, independent guidance to help them achieve their goals and objectives. Our Client Centered Planning Process helps us to facilitate a long term relationship built upon trust and understanding. Our Client Centered Planning Process consists of the following steps:

    1. Listening to what you have to say in order to truly understand your needs, goals, objectives and comfort level.

    2. Developing and implementing a customized solution designed to help you achieve your life goals.

    3. Monitoring and evaluating your plan on an ongoing basis. Constant monitoring helps to ensure that the program continues to meet your objectives despite changes in your life circumstances or in the market.

    4. Help to maintain a comfortable "worry-free" retirement lifestyle while allowing you to achieve your legacy planning as well.

Our Client Centered Planning Process consists of a series of four client meetings:

  1. Our first meeting is a discovery meeting that allows us to get to know each other and to help us understand your goals and dreams as well as what you’ve already done to achieve them. At Sinnott Wealth Management, we believe that there must be a good fit between client and advisor. This meeting is an important step in determining whether we will ultimately be a good match for each other. At this meeting we will collect all current financial statements; benefit information, as well as income and expense requirements; in addition, wills and other legal documents are also collected for review. Please click here for a complete list of items to bring to this meeting. Equally as important, we will discuss your non-financial goals such as charitable inclinations and legacy planning.

  2. At this meeting we will review our results with you and discuss any recommendations that we may have. In addition, we will usually provide you with a preliminary draft of your customized plan detailing how we can help you to achieve your goals. We strongly believe in involving our clients in the entire process, therefore we insist that our clients carefully review our recommendations and ask questions in order to ensure that we have addressed all of their concerns.

  3. At the third meeting, if we both decide that Sinnott Wealth Management can add significant value and we mutually agree that we would like to work together; we will help you to implement your customized plan.

  4. Thereafter, annually, or more frequently if needed, we schedule review meetings in order to ensure that all of our original assumptions are still accurate. It is imperative that we be kept informed of any life changes so that we can make any necessary adjustments to your plan to make sure that the plan reflects your current goals and dreams.

Our Client Centered Planning Process allows clients to benefit from sophisticated solutions offered independently through Sinnott Wealth Management.