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Today’s financial markets are spinning, and they may make you feel the same.  Planning and consistently updating your financial objectives has never been more important or more difficult for experienced investors and novices alike.  At Sinnott Wealth Management, our professionals specialize in a multi-generational approach to the preservation of wealth and the coordination of services for affluent individuals, medical professionals and businesses.  We understand that prudent financial decisions require acute awareness of your entire financial personality.

Most individuals and organizations with substantial assets have a team of advisors, often including lawyers, accountants, insurance representatives, investment advisors, and others.  Often investors end up delegating portions of their portfolio to several experts, yet not assigning anyone to look after the whole.  Our firm can help you align all of your wealth management affairs into a single, cohesive strategy designed to meet your lifetime financial objectives.  We will become your primary point of access for all of your wealth management services.

Since 1978, we have specialized in working with the needs of families, retirement plans, trusts, endowments and businesses.  They are successful individuals and corporations looking for professional advice due to their busy lifestyles or need for fiduciary assistance.  They realize that managing money isn’t a hobby and that seeking the advice of a trusted advisor is the most effective way to help ensure that their actions are aligned with their life goals.

During our career, we have developed expertise in the areas of investment management, retirement strategies, asset protection, estate and legacy planning and insurance services.  These are the areas that we find our clients are most in need of coordinating.